Distillery After Dark: Eau de Musc 12/6

Distillery After Dark: Eau de Musc 12/6

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An After Hours Tour & Tasting
Dec. 6th // 6PM - 8PM // $30
Join us on this special ‘peek behind the curtain,’ and learn all about our scratch-made distillation process. A monthly event series- we’ll explain how each ingredient has an effect on the result, from sourcing to recipe development to the taste, color, and feel of the final Tamworth Distilling Spirit. You’ll visit our test kitchen, still room, and barrel house, and end the night with a cocktail demonstration! This month, we're welcoming a very special guest: Anton Kaska. Our local, sustainable, wildlife trapper partner who worked with us on incorporating this unusual ingredient.
Our December Distillery After Dark presentation will feature an in-depth look at the second annual run of our: Eau de Musc Bourbon
More on Eau de Musc:
Eau de Musc proudly features an old-world flavoring technique that uses the oil extract from the castor gland of the North American beaver, which exudes a leathery, raspberry taste, and acts to fortify the whiskey flavors. The full-bodied, two-year aged bourbon whiskey has a bolstered mouthfeel with a vanillin nose and notes of spice. The addition of birch oil, raspberry and Canadian snakeroot, a woody spice akin to ginger, comingle with the natural fruitiness of the castorerum, making the finish warm, crisp, and incredibly palatable. New Hampshire life is ruled by the wilderness, and beavers are widely prevalent, extremely territorial, and prone to overpopulation. Therefore, rural communities like Tamworth work with licensed and responsible trappers to manage the population in order to sustain the local ecosystem. To source the castoreum for the limited-edition release, the Tamworth Distilling team works with Anton Kaska, a professional trapper and outdoor skill instructor who is known for his commitment to sustainable practices. Anton provides the distillery with the castoreum sacs, which would otherwise be discarded, to produce the infused bourbon whiskey.
More on Anton Kaska:

Anton Kaska is a Professional Outdoorsman, Master Trapper, Master Scuba Diver, and is passionate about helping people become more comfortable and knowledgeable with the outdoor world much in the way our forefathers were.  He has practiced and polished his outdoor skills from the bitter Alpine Winters in Europe to the blistering Arabian Gulf in Summer before moving back to the US in 2006 and settling in New Hampshire with his family.

While he is a professional trapper by trade, Anton’s concerns focus around two areas; Wise use of what the earth provides us, and education, especially of our youth, in skills that make them more familiar with the outdoors.

Anton is featured often in the media including NPR/NHPR, and The Travel Channel.  A Graduate of the Trappers College run jointly by the Fur Takers of America and Purdue University, Anton also teaches and certifies new trappers for the State of New Hampshire as a volunteer instructor, and volunteers as an instructor for youth outdoor skill with various youth organizations.


Anton is based out of Manchester, NH where he also resides with his family.